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Jai Thai Menu

Favourite Dishes

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Fish Cake and Prawn Cake
Fish Cake & Prawn Cake

Fried Chicken Basil Leaf
Fried Chicken Basil Leaf

Deep Fried Fish Fillet Chilli Sauce
Deep Fried Fish Fillet
Chilli Sauce

Steamed Tau Fu Chicken Basil Pepper and Garlic
Steamed Tau Fu w/
Chicken Basil
Chicken Pepper & Garlic

Fried Mixed Vegetables
Fried Mixed Vegetables

Green Curry Noodle
Green Curry Noodle

Beef Noodle
Beef Noodle

Appetizer (小吃)
Spicy Dish1.Jai Thai SpecialityPrawn Cake (虾饼)$2 per pc. (min 2 pcs.)
Kid's Favourite2.Jai Thai SpecialityFish Cake (鱼饼)$2 per pc. (min 2 pcs.)
Spicy Dish3.Thai Spring Rolls (泰国春卷)$5$7$10
4.Deep Fried Bean Curd (炸豆腐)$4$6$8
Spicy Dish5.Jai Thai SpecialityMixed Platter (杂炸)$8$12$16
Salad (沙拉)
Kid's Favourite6.Jai Thai SpecialityCarrot Salad (脆罗卜沙拉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite7.Jai Thai SpecialityMango Salad (芒果沙拉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite8.Tang Hoon Seafood Salad (冬粉海鲜沙拉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite9.Seafood Salad (海鲜沙拉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite10.Beef Salad (牛肉沙拉)$6$9$12
Soup & Curry (汤类和咖喱)
Kid's Favourite11.Jai Thai SpecialityGreen Curry Chicken / Beef (青咖喱鸡/牛肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite12.Jai Thai SpecialityGreen Curry Prawn (青咖喱虾)$8$12$16
Kid's Favourite13.Red Curry Chicken / Beef (红咖喱鸡/牛肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite14.Red Curry Prawn (红咖喱虾)$8$12$16
Kid's Favourite15.Panang (Dried Curry) Chicken / Beef (干咖喱鸡/牛肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite16.Panang (Dried Curry) Prawn (干咖喱虾)$8$12$16
Spicy Dish17.Tang Hoon Clear Soup (冬粉清汤)$6$9$12
Spicy Dish18.Bean Curd Clear Soup (豆腐清汤)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite19.Jai Thai SpecialityTom Yum Seafood (Chilli Paste / Clear Soup) (冬炎海鲜)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite20.Jai Thai SpecialityTom Yum Prawn (Chilli Paste / Clear Soup) (冬炎虾)$8$12$16
Kid's Favourite21.Tom Yum Chicken (Chilli Paste / Clear Soup) (冬炎鸡肉)$6$9$12
Spicy Dish22.Beef Soup (牛肉汤)$5$7$10
Prawn ( 虾类)
Kid's Favourite23.Fried Prawn with Chilli Paste (辣味炒虾)$8$12$16
Kid's Favourite24.Fried Prawn with Basil Leaf (九层塔炒虾 )$8$12$16
25.Fried Prawn with Curry Powder (咖喱炒虾)$8$12$16
26.Fried Prawn with Pepper & Garlic (蒜蓉胡椒炒虾)$8$12$16
Spicy Dish27.Jai Thai SpecialityFried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce (阿参炒虾)$8$12$16
Squid (苏东类)
28.Fried Squid with Pepper & Garlic (蒜蓉胡椒炒苏东)$8$12$16
Kid's Favourite29.Fried Squid with Chilli Paste (辣味炒苏东)$8$12$16
Kid's Favourite30.Fried Squid with Basil Leaf (九层塔 炒苏东)$8$12$16
Fish (鱼类)
Kid's Favourite31.Jai Thai SpecialityDeep Fried Fish Fillet with Chilli Sauce (辣味炸鱼)$6$9$12$15 (Tilapia)$22 (Seabass)
32.Jai Thai SpecialityDeep Fried Fish Fillet with Pepper & Garlic (蒜蓉胡椒炸鱼)$6$9$12$15 (Tilapia)$22 (Seabass)
Kid's Favourite33.Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Basil Leaf (九层塔炸鱼)$6$9$12$15 (Tilapia)$22 (Seabass)
34.Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce (酸甜鱼)$6$9$12$15 (Tilapia)$22 (Seabass)
Spicy Dish35.Jai Thai SpecialityDeep Fried Fish Fillet with Tamarind Sauce (阿参炸鱼)$6$9$12$15 (Tilapia)$22 (Seabass)
Beef (牛类)
36.Fried Beef with Pepper & Garlic (蒜蓉胡椒炒牛肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite37.Fried Beef with Basil Leaf (九层塔炒牛肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite38.Fried Beef with Chilli Paste (辣味炒牛肉)$6$9$12
Chicken (鸡类)
Spicy Dish39.Jai Thai SpecialitySteamed Tofu with Chicken Basil
40.Jai Thai SpecialitySteamed Tofu with Chicken Pepper & Garlic
Spicy Dish41.Jai Thai SpecialityPandan Chicken (班兰叶鸡)$2 per pc. (min 2 pcs.)
Spicy Dish42.Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut (腰豆炒鸡肉 )$6$9$12
43.Deep Fried Lemon Leaf Chicken (炸柠檬叶鸡 )$6$9$12
44.Deep Fried Chicken Wings ( 炸鸡翅膀)$2 per pc. (min 2 pcs.)
Kid's Favourite45.Deep Fried Spicy Wings (炸鸡翅膀 - 辣味)$2 per pc. (min 2 pcs.)
46.Fried Chicken Pepper & Garlic (蒜蓉胡椒炒鸡肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite47.Jai Thai SpecialityFried Chicken with Basil Leaf (九层塔 炒鸡肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite48.Jai Thai SpecialityFried Chicken with Chilli Paste (辣味炒鸡肉)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite49.Fried Chicken with Tamarind Sauce (阿参炒鸡肉)$6$9$12
Vegetable (疏菜)
50.Fried Kang Kong (炒泰国风光)$5$7$10
51.Fried Kai Lan Oyster Sauce (芥兰炒豪油)$5$7$10
52.Fried Kai Lan Salted Fish (芥兰炒咸鱼)$5$7$10
53.Kai Lan with Chinese Mushroom (芥兰炒香菇)$5$7$10
54.Fried Bean Sprout (炒豆芽)$5$7$10
55.Fried Bean Sprout Salted Fish (咸鱼炒豆芽)$5$7$10
56.Fried Mixed Vegetable (杂菜)$5$7$10
57.Mixed Vegetable w/ Chinese Mushroom (杂菜香菇)$5$7$10
58.Fried Cabbage Oyster Sauce (包菜炒豪油)$5$7$10
59.Cabbage with Chinese Mushroom (包菜炒香菇)$5$7$10
60.Fried Brocolli Oyster Sauce (西兰花炒豪油)$6$9$12
61.Fried Brocolli Chinese Mushroom (西兰花炒香菇)$6$9$12
62.Jai Thai SpecialityFried Brocolli Prawn (西兰花炒虾)$8$12$16
Rice & Noodle (饭&面)
63.Jai Thai SpecialityPineapple Rice (黄梨饭)$5$7$10
64.Jai Thai SpecialityOlive Rice (橄榄炒饭)$5$7$10
65.Salted Fish Fried Rice (咸鱼炒饭)$5$7$10
Spicy Dish66.Chicken / Beef Fried Rice (鸡/牛肉炒饭)$5$7$10
Spicy Dish67.Seafood Fried Rice (海鲜炒饭)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite68.Fried Rice with Chicken Basil Leaf (辣味九层塔炒饭 - 鸡肉炒饭)$5$7$10
Kid's Favourite69.Fried Rice with Seafood Basil Leaf (辣味九层塔炒饭 - 海鲜炒饭)$6$9$12
70.Fried Tang Hoon (炒冬粉)$5$7$10
Kid's Favourite71.Fried Spicy Thai Seafood Hor Fan Chicken / Beef (辣味鸡/牛肉炒粿条)$5$7$10
Kid's Favourite72.Fried Spicy Thai Seafood Hor Fan Seafood (辣味海鲜炒粿条)$6$9$12
73.Fried Bee Hoon with Dark Sauce Chicken / Beef (黑酱鸡/牛肉炒米粉)$5$7$10
74.Fried Bee Hoon with Dark Sauce Seafood (黑酱海鲜炒米粉)$6$9$12
75.Jai Thai SpecialityPhad Thai (泰式炒粿条)$5$7$10
76.Beef Thai Hor Fan (Gravy) (泰式牛肉炒河粉)$6$9$12
77.Seafood Thai Hor Fan (Gravy) (泰式海鲜炒河粉)$6$9$12
Spicy Dish78.Jai Thai SpecialityBeef Noodle (牛肉粿条汤)$5$7$10
Kid's Favourite79.Tom Yum Chicken Noodle (冬炎粿条鸡汤)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite80.Jai Thai SpecialityTom Yum Seafood Noodle (冬炎粿条海鲜)$6$9$12
Kid's Favourite81.Jai Thai SpecialityGreen Curry Noodle (青咖喱粿条)$6$9$12
82.Fried Chicken Dried Thai Hor Fan (干鸡炒河粉)$5$7$10
83.Fried Seafood Dried Thai Hor Fan (干海鲜炒河粉)$6$9$12
Tang Hoon Special
84.Baked Prawn Tanghoon(砂锅虾冬粉)$12
85.Baked Beancurd Tanghoon(砂锅豆腐冬粉)$8
Basil Special
86.Rice with Chicken Basil (饭加九层塔鸡肉辣味)$5
87.Rice with Beef Basil (饭加九层塔牛肉辣味)$5
88.Rice with Fish Basil (饭加九层塔鱼肉辣味)$5
89.Rice with Seafood Basil (饭加九层塔 海鲜辣味)$6
 * Add Fried Egg @ $1
90.Plain Omelette (芙蓉蛋)$5
91.Vegetable Omelette (鲜菜芙蓉蛋)$5
92.Minced Chicken Omelette (鸡碎芙蓉蛋)$6
93.Omelette (虾肉芙蓉蛋)$6

* All prices are subjected to 10% service charge.